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I grew up in an industrial town in England, and yearned for the fresh green beauty of Connemara until I returned for good in 1994. I studied History and Folklore for my Masters degree in Galway and taught at second and third level for a number of years. Then I was drawn back to the outdoors and began to study herbal medicine which also brought me to appreciate the plant spirits. I believe that everything is imbued with spirit including animals, plants, trees, rocks, mountains, springs and the land. I speak to the land here and am developing a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Caring for the land and putting my attention on it encourages growth and happiness for all. I am married to Lol, who works with me here at Danu’s Irish Herb Garden, building infrastructure and sheds and doing maintenance work, whilst I plant trees, sow seeds and grow the plants. We keep chickens and we have our two dogs, Jazz and Broc and our three cats, Milly, Pippy and Jim.

I am a teacher, a herbalist and a kinesiologist and I have named my garden after the Irish Mother Goddess, Danu. Danu’s Irish Herb Garden is a garden of Healing, Magic, Plant Wisdom, Herbal Medicine and practical living.

Since I was a child I have felt a deep desire to be at one with Nature and I loved to be running wild in the countryside. At the age of eleven I started growing my own flower garden - at the time we did not even have a garden! My urge to connect with the natural world has been with me throughout my life and led me to shamanic experiences with many plant allies.

On my journey through life I became a teacher, with a huge interest in History and Folklore. After returning to Ireland and working as a teacher I then opened a health shop which allowed me to indulge my other passion in health and healing. I then closed my shop and began to work in my garden creating herb beds, vegetable beds and growing flowers and shrubs and trees - all in honour of the Goddess Danu and the Goddess Brigid.

Being a teacher, (with a love of history and folklore) and being a herbalist I could feel how both of my favourite interests could come together. Loving to teach and loving the plants, I have been guided to combine both and I share my knowledge and my passion via my herbal medicine courses and The Wise Woman Way training course.

It can be argued that herbal medicine is a radical way to personal empowerment and health on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is what I believe. Working with plants also enables us to connect more closely with the Planet, our Mother Earth, en route to good health.

Terri Conroy B.A (Hons) H.Dip (Ed) M. Phil, Dip AK.

Terri Conroy
Danu's Irish Herb Garden

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