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Update to recent Hack!

Hello dear Subscribers, This is just a note to say thank you so much to all who were kind enough to alert me to the

Setting New Year Intentions!

Well, Happy New Year! “Let’s hope it’s a good one”! We are very lucky in that we celebrate two New Years. One at Samhain, which

Foraging, Samhain & Sacred Paths

This last year has been hectic to say the least. I created an online herbal medicine course – and by the time that was

Language Please!

When I was younger, if someone cursed or swore in conversation in a pub, the landlord would call out “Language please!” prompting the person to

My 5 Favourite Herbal Remedies

Whenever I use a medicinal plant, it becomes my favourite…until I use another medicinal plant. Plants are like that – they really make friends with

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