An Introduction to Herbal Medicine – A 6 Month Digital Course



This is an online course to introduce the beginner to herbal medicine.  The objectives of this course are to empower students to become self-reliant and self-sufficient in terms of caring for their own health and the health of their families.  To become confident in using herbs for common complaints, illness and convalescence.  To develop a sacred relationship with Nature and our Plant Relations.

There are  6 modules-

Introduction – including lectures on – Why use herbs? / A Herbal Glossary/History of Western Herbal Medicine/Herbal Energetics , the Elements and overview of Herbal Astrology/Anatomy and Physiology/Common ailments and health conditions that herbs can help/Supplies and Equipment needed/Importance of Lifestyle/Finding a Plant Ally

The Basics – Plant Anatomy/Choosing herbs/Storing herbs/Creating a Herbarium/ Creating a Materia Medica/Preparing plants for remedy making/Plant Spirits – creating a reciprocal relationship/Menstruums/Herbalism by the Moon/Making Teas, Infusions and Decoctions

More Herbal Preparations – Making tinctures/Kitchen herbs and spices/Internal and external remedies/Herbs in oil/Herbs in Vinegars/Oxymels, Cordials, Syrups and Honeys/Food as Medicine/Recipes for pestos, soups, salads and more.

Going Outside – Growing and Foraging – Introduction to some easy to grow herbs/Tips for growing herbs/Medicinal Herb Gardens/Companion Planting/Plant identification/Foraging for wild medicinal plants/Guidelines for harvesting/Drying herbs

The Body Systems – An introduction to the herbs that are traditionally used for the Immune System/The Digestive System/The Cardiovascular System/The Endocrine System/Muscular-Skeletal System/The Nervous System/The Reproductive System/The Holistic Approach and how to create herbal formulae.

The Skin and Bodycare – The skin as an organ/Skin conditions/Link to internal health/Problems with chemicals in modern skin care/Herbal actions that support healthy skin/Topical remedies for skin problems/Making skin care products/Healthy ageing.

Conclusion – Allopathic V Holistic approach/Power of placebo and nocebo/Integrating an holistic approach/Building relationship with the plants and our ancestors/Putting it all together.

There will be one or more assignments for each module which must be completed to receive the Certificate of Completion.

This course will include lessons via PDFs and by video lectures as well as video demonstrations, two ebooks of common weeds, other ebooks for interest, herbal monographs and recipes for remedies and for skin care formulations, one zoom call per month for any questions and for any extra information.  This course will be upgraded and new material introduced at any time.

You can apply to do this course by donation.  Choose an amount that you can afford – €250 or €300 or €350

Terri Conroy
Danu's Irish Herb Garden

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