Druid’s Eye


I make Druid’s Eyes from tree prunings from my garden and wool that I use for knitting.  I like to create these as meditative projects and instill peace and protection into them.  The wood I use has its own magical correspondences.  For example, Willow is very feminine and represents flow and flexibility; Alder is the Warrior, ruled by the elements of Fire and Water and formerly used in spears and chariot wheel hubs.  Other tree prunings I may use could be Hawthorn or Birch.  It all depends on the season and availability.  Druid’s Eyes are known as God’s Eyes in other areas of the world but I prefer the name of Druid’s Eyes because the style of weaving is the same as the Parshall Cross which is woven at Samhain for protection from evil spirits.  Thus, to me, the Druid’s Eyes carries an aspect of protection as well as connecting us to the Goddess through the art of weaving the wool around the wood.


Each Druid’s Eye is unique in terms of the wood used and the colour.  I will try to incorporate the colours you request if I have them.  Average size is 10″ x 10″ .

Terri Conroy
Danu's Irish Herb Garden

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