How to Find Your Plant Ally and make a Flower Essence – 22nd July 2023

Many of us believe that we have a Guardian Angel who looks after us and is there to help when we ask.  We also have Plant Allies and during this workshop you will follow shamanic techniques to discover which plant is your ally and what is it saying to you.  Perhaps it wants to help you with a health issue.  Perhaps it wants to help with a relationship or career issue.  It might just want to help you to really connect with the natural world.  The shamanic techniques we will be using have been part of spiritual practice for over 70,000 years.  If you have any queries about shamanic practice please feel free to contact me.

Once you have established who is your Plant Ally we will move on and make Flower Essences.  This is a lovely, meditational activity that enables you to really tune in to a plant and hear its wisdom. You might want to ask your Plant Ally to be part of this creativity or you may find a different flowering plant. The technique also encourages  you to look closely at what is in your environment, it encourages calm and peace within and forges a deeper connection with the plant world.  We will be using some sacred water from a local Holy Well and from Brigid’s Well at Faughert.

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