Introduction to Herbal Medicine – 27th May 2023

This course is for complete beginners, for anyone seeking to empower themselves and take responsibility for their own health while at the same time making a deep connection with Nature and the Divine Feminine.   If you are a plant lover and wish to learn more about the plants that grow in Ireland and you would love to know how to bring the plants into your life, then this course is for you!

This one day workshop is packed full of information and you will leave feeling knowledgeable, confident and looking forward to getting started making your own medicines.  During the day we will:-

  1. Walk the land, looking at and identifying some of our wild, medicinal plants.
  2. We will taste different plants and enjoy teas or infusions made from plants.
  3. We will examine the history of women and plants and discover that we have always walked hand in hand together.
  4. You will learn how to make medicines of various types, teas, tinctures, poultices, balms and  much more
  5. You will learn how to work with plants to make a deeper connection with Nature and the Divine Feminine

All you need is enthusiasm, a pen and a notepad and a blanket.  A vegetarian lunch is provided but please bring something small to share so that we all nourish one another.  This course is an ideal precursor to the other courses on offer .  I look forward to meeting you!


Terri Conroy
Danu's Irish Herb Garden

Tel: +353 086 378 1306