Plant Wisdom for Menopausal Years – 11th November 2023

As they say “It’s tough being a woman” but as we know, someone’s got to do it.  The menopausal years can be a huge and difficult challenge for many women (as I can certainly testify!) Fortunately,  herbs can play a very supportive role during this transitional time in our lives.  I would recommend all women attend this workshop because if you haven’t yet reached menopause, this course can help you prepare for it.  We will examine hormonal balance as well as common problems such as hot flushes and night sweats.  Herbs and flower essences can also be used to gently soothe the emotional uproar that can occur such as anxiety, loss of self-confidence, empty nest syndrome and loss of libido. We will also examine and discuss society’s attitudes to the older women and offer each other support and sisterhood.  Like the other courses offered this is practical and hands-on work but will also leave you feeling more secure in your new role as Woman of Wisdom. (See Crone Rites under the Rites of Passage header.)

Terri Conroy
Danu's Irish Herb Garden

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