Plant Wisdom for Muscles and Joints - Date to be announced

Do you suffer with arthritis?  Rheumatism?  Come along and learn how you can relieve and reduce pain and inflammation. The Western diet does not really do us any favours as it tends to cause inflammation in the body leading to problems such as arthritis.   Diet will be discussed during this workshop because of course, vegetables and fruits are also plant healers.  As Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.  Moving on to herbs and wild plants, they can be used internally to enable the body to protect itself against the damaging and aging effects of inflammation.  Applied topically or externally they can not only relieve pain but also can reduce inflammation and swelling. There are also herbs for rheumatism and for muscles which have become strained. Come and learn about teas, tinctures, compresses and rubs that can provide herbal health for muscles and joints.

Terri Conroy
Danu's Irish Herb Garden

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