Plant Wisdom for Natural Skin Care – Date to be announced


The average woman uses about twelve to fifteen personal care products every day.  That means she is applying a harmful chemical cocktail to her body every day. Many of the chemicals in personal care products can, at the least, cause allergic reaction,  irritate the skin,  disrupt hormones and at the worst lead to cancer.  These chemicals also flow out of bathroom drains and into the environment.  It is simple and satisfying to make your own personal care products such as cleansers, deodorants, moisturisers, bath oils, body lotions, exfoliators  and shampoos.  This is an ideal opportunity to discover how beneficial herbs and plants can be, when used both externally and internally. Apart from enhancing your natural beauty they are also extremely helpful with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. As always, the healthy, wholesome foods necessary  for natural beauty will be discussed and served for lunch.

We will spend the day indulging our faces and our senses with gorgeous, luscious serums, lotions, toners,  moisturisers and other body preparations.  Why not come with your favourite sister, daughter or friend?

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