Plant Wisdom for Women – Maiden, Mother, Crone – 26th August 2023 -POSTPHONED!


In times gone by, women were responsible for the welfare of their family.  They had to be physician and nurse and pharmacist and their knowledge was most likely passed down from mother to daughter and gleaned from other women and female relatives.  Since we have given up this responsibility we have lost some of our Feminine Power.  By focusing on women’s health this course aims to achieve several goals.  One – to discover which herbs are most useful for menstrual and hormonal issues, pregnancy, skin and stress issues, and digestive issues.  Two – to realise that menopause is not a medical complaint – it is a rite of passage.  Find out which herbs can help with the hot flashes, night sweats and heavy periods.  Find out how to manage the emotional uproar using herbs and flower essences and be ready to claim your Crone Power and Wisdom . By becoming empowered in terms of your own health, you begin to  feel confident in taking responsibility for your family’s health.  This course, like all the herbal courses offered here, invites you on a journey not only to discover the practical value of herbs but also to forge a relationship with Mother Earth and our Green Relations.  We will also devise ritual and ceremony to mark the special times in a woman’s life.

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