The Weed Handbook Volume 1 – The Medicinal and Magical Uses of Connemara Weeds



This 60 page book identifies 13 common weeds that can be found in every meadow and hedgerow in Connemara and further afield.  Sadly, most of us have forgotten how Nature provides for us so carefully and it is perhaps surprising to learn that each plant mentioned in the book has medicinal qualities that make them invaluable in the home herbal.

The book describes each plant, where to find it, how to use it and what  the health benefits are.  Herbal medicine is yours for the taking.  Build a relationship between yourself and the plant and you are half way to wellness.

Plants provide us with medicine, food, shelter, clothing, tools and much more.  Thankfully there is a definite sense today,  of people yearning to know more about the natural world and wishing to reconnect with it.  Looking at plants as medicine, seeing them as something other than just “weeds”, appreciating them for their beauty, wisdom and healing power, goes a long way to help us to make that re-connection.

As plants have so much wisdom to teach us I hope that this book will reintroduce you to the green relations and be a practical first step to help you commence your own journey into the magical Green World.

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