Breuss Massage

Breuss Massage is a blessing for anyone with a back! It is a sensitive, energetic, manual massage of the back which dissolves physical, energetic or psychical blockages.

Many spine problems such as “slipped” discs, sciatica or lumbago can be treated without any danger and clients end up “purring” with the great feeling of well-being that this massage provides. It works on the premise that if discs, for example, wear away or degenerate, then they can therefore be Regenerated. It is an exceptionally gentle form of massage, brings great relief and can be carried out on its own or after other therapies. It does not take too long, so you can even treat yourself to a “new” back in your lunch hour!

If you are looking for a deeper, tension relieving massage, this is not for you due to the nature of its gentle touch.

Each massage costs €50

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