Kinesiology treats you holistically to bring about balanced health. Kinesiology is working on the premise that a balanced body is a healthy body. This is a gentle, non-invasive therapy using muscle testing to obtain bio feedback which identifies the physical, emotional, nutritional and energetic factors which may be hindering the body’s various systems and consequently the body’s natural healing processes.

My path in life is to heal and teach, working holistically to bring balance and harmony to mind. body and soul and to tread softly on this Earth.

Terri Conroy

Physical System – Bones, Muscles, Posture
Mental System – Mind, Emotions, Spirituality
Chemical System – Hormones, Food, Nutrition, Drugs, Environment,
Energetic System – Chi, Meridians, Aura, Chakras

Any one part of our body that is under stress inevitably has an effect on all our body’s systems. Using Kinesiology I aim to treat you in all areas so that a powerful and lasting improvement can occur. During a treatment session, gentle muscle testing enables me to create a unique healing treatment for each individual. Techniques such as gentle massage of reflex points, brushing of meridian pathways, lymph massage, therapeutic nutrition and energy balancing are used. Neither strength nor a high level of fitness is required by you. This therapy is suitable for everyone, from babies to the elderly.

Each healing session lasts about one to one and a half hours. The first session includes a half hour consultation. Generally 3 – 6 sessions are sufficient but depending upon the length of time you have had the problem and the severity of the complaint, further sessions may be necessary. I may also suggest dietary change, nutritional supplements and some home exercises so that you can see the maximum improvement in as short a time as possible. You are encouraged to accept more personal responsibility for your own health rather than being passively “treated”. I believe that only one person can make you feel well and that person is you. I merely facilitate the process and remind you of your own innate healing power.

The cost of each session is €60

“I feel great – so energized, I’ve lost weight and I feel more focused and confident.”

T.B, Connemara

“Since having a session with Terri I have had the best night’s sleep for the first time in ages.”

Barbara, Connemara

“It’s amazing that something so gentle can be so effective and so powerful”

L.H, Clifden

“I am so thrilled because my hip is pain free and my digestion has improved so much – I feel really great. Thanks Terri”

Patricia, Dublin

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